BSWC 2023 Collaboration!

We are excited to announce limited edition Beat Saber World Cup 2023 merch in collaboration with Cube Community!

Check out what is on offer in the BSWC 2023 Collection 

Additionally to help reduce shipping costs, we will be supporting shipping from both the EU and US for this collaboration!

For any questions regarding shipping fees, products, etc. please contact @Gwegi in BSWC's #excuse-me channel or contact us. For example: If shipping is not available for your country, the rate can be added for you to be able to check out. Just reach out to us and we will get it sorted!

Please also keep in mind that these are pre-orders (The custom mugs and the "Sideswipe" shirt are print-to-order), and as such will have a slight delay in shipping. You can find more information in the shipping schedule section on each product page.

Orders will be accepted until July 18th 11:59 PM UTC

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